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Our programs are aimed to give our youth personal and professional development skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.

Our Four Major Programs: 

Through our program students will gain:


CSAP Strategies
Basic knowledge of mental health issues and definitions
Knowledge of the 8 dimensions of wellness



Listen to group members ideas
Build group togetherness
Willing to proceed when you don’t get your own way
Research information
Make public presentations
Develop writing skills
Talking in adult setting
Celebrating accomplishment



Belief in the importance of working together
Willing to compromise to accomplish the goal
Willing to work when you don’t feel like it
Not giving up in the face of opposition
Positive attitude
Commitment to finish the task
Top 10 KSAS
Willing to listen to member ideas
Building togetherness
CSAP strategies
Basic Knowledge of mental health and fitness
8 dimensions of wellness
Research information
Compromise for greater good
Developing writing skills
Make public presentations

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