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Getting Outside The Neighborhood – Exploring The World One City At A Time

A pressing issue that came from our community conversation was getting outside of the neighborhood. In order for a youth to think outside of the box and to see more than just their immediate surroundings, it was important to get them out of their neighborhoods and to show them the world in a fun and educational way. We were able to do this through our Passport Program because education is one of our main focuses. So in preparation of getting our youth ready for higher education, we’ve conducted many college tours.

Here are some of the colleges and universities that we have visited: 

Winston-Salem University.jpg
Fisk University.jpg
Tennessee State University.png
University of Cincinnati.jpg
Ohio State.png
Columbus State Community College.png
North Carolina A&T.jpg
Bennett College.jpg
Central State University.jpg
Kentucky State University.jpg
Livingstone College.jpg
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